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Okanagan Regional Library Posuere Justo Vel Congue

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  • Giraffes Reading

    One Hundred Books to Read Together Before Kindergarten

    A wonderful way to make sure your child enjoys some of the best children’s books available at the library!
    Start reading with your child

  • Crowd-of-faces-line-drawing956x400
    Parents & Teachers

    Books for Kids & Teens with Diversabilities

    Parents, educators, professionals, children and teens will benefit from our ORL booklists, which cover a wide variety of Diversabilities.
    Check them out

Books, Music, Movies & More...

  • Image links to A Science Literacy Week Reading List in the Catalogue
    • Read

    A Science Literacy Week Reading List

    ORL Recommends
  • Image links to Music for Your Next Kitchen Party Recommendations List
    • Listen

    Music for Your Next Kitchen Party

    ORL Recommends
  • Images links to Tales of the 1930s Recommendations List
    • Read

    Tales of the 1930s

    ORL Recommends
  • Image links to Heists, Scams, and Schemers Recommendations List
    • Listen

    Heists, scams, and schemers

    ORL Recommends
  • Images links to Take to the Road Recommendations List
    • Watch

    Take to the Road

    ORL Recommends
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